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Superintendent Search Information

Superintendent Hiring Questionnaire Now Closed

This survey prepared by OSBA is to assist the Brookings-Harbor School District Board of Directors in its search for a new Superintendent and it's planning for the future. 

Approved Superintendent Search Calendar 

Updated 10/4/19 - APPROVED by School Board of Directors




Oct. 5 (8:00 am)

  • Approve executive search process calendar
  • Declare vacancy

Special public meeting

  • Facilitate board approval of search calendar

Oct. 7-20*

Day in the district (10/22-23) 

Online survey available Oct. 7-20

  • Facilitate staff and community input for new executive qualifications

Oct. 23 * (TBD pm)

  • Discuss and adopt desired qualities and qualifications
  • Set dates, times and location of screening committee training
  • Identify potential screening committee members

Special public meeting

  • Present public input report to board

Nov. 8

  • Develop professional recruiting brochure
  • Develop notice of vacancy
  • Advertise position

Nov. 13

  • Begin accepting applications

  Dec. 18 (5:00 pm)

  • Select screening committee members

Regular public meeting


Nov. 13 – Jan. 8

Eight Weeks

  • Receive applications
  • Recruit candidates respond to inquiries

Jan. 8

  • Applications close
  • Review all applicant submissions; prepare for screening

Jan. 16 * (TBD pm)

  • Attend screening committee training
  • Screen applications and submit rankings

Regular public meeting/executive session

  • Train screening committee on screening process, tools and timeline

Jan 23 * (TBD pm)

  • Select candidates to interview
  • Develop interview schedule
  • Develop interview questions
  • Establish contract parameters

Special public meeting/executive session

  • Present screening committee recommendations to the board; facilitate selection of candidates to interview
  • Train board on interview and reference check processes
  • Provide interview questions for review and facilitate consensus on interview questions
  • Schedule initial interviews with candidates

Feb * 1-5 (T.B.D.)

  • Conduct interviews
  • Select finalists

Special public meeting/executive session

  • Attend last interview and facilitate selection of finalists
  • Train board on conducting in-depth reference checks and site visits

Feb. 10 - 23

  • Send disclosure release form to finalists’ last three education providers (ORS 339.370- 339.378)
  • Conduct in-depth reference checks and site visits
  • Schedule finalists’ interviews
  • Assist with reference checking
  • Verify licensure of finalists

Feb. 25-26 * (T.B.D.)

  • Hold finalist forum
  • Conduct final interviews

Special public meeting/Executive session

  • Develop finalist forum schedule, if needed
  • Attend final interview and facilitate consensus on “first choice” candidate

Feb. 26 – Mar. 3

  • Negotiate contract with “first choice” candidate

  Mar. 4

  • Vote to hire candidate in open public meeting
  • Announce selection

Special public meeting

  • Develop press release, if needed

Before July 1

  • Create transition plan for new superintendent and board
  • Meets with the new superintendent & board to create transition plan

July 1

  • New executive begins

After July 1

  • COSA mentoring program provided to the new superintendent

Acts as a liaison between school district/superintendent and COSA as needed. OSBA provides part of the content for this mentoring program.

*Consultant is on-site.


Special school board meeting

Brookings-Harbor School District 17-C Special School Board Meeting
Azalea Middle School Library Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 7:30 PM 
1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Community/Staff input for the qualities and qualifications for the new superintendent
3. Adjournment
The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired, or other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Please contact the district office at 541-469-7443.