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Superintendent Search Information

  • The survey on “What are the qualities and skills BHSD needs in its next Superintendent?” closed on Monday, Oct. 21.
  • Community positions for Superintendent Search Committee filled as of Monday, Dec. 16.

Approved Superintendent Search Calendar 

Updated 10/4/19 - APPROVED by School Board of Directors




Oct. 5 (8:00 am)

  • Approve executive search process calendar
  • Declare vacancy

Special public meeting

  • Facilitate board approval of search calendar

Oct. 7-20*

Day in the district (10/22-23) 

Online survey available Oct. 7-20

  • Facilitate staff and community input for new executive qualifications

Oct. 23 * (TBD pm)

  • Discuss and adopt desired qualities and qualifications
  • Set dates, times and location of screening committee training
  • Identify potential screening committee members

Special public meeting

  • Present public input report to board

Nov. 8

  • Develop professional recruiting brochure
  • Develop notice of vacancy
  • Advertise position

Nov. 13

  • Begin accepting applications

  Dec. 18 (5:00 pm)

  • Select screening committee members

Regular public meeting


Nov. 13 – Jan. 8

Eight Weeks

  • Receive applications
  • Recruit candidates respond to inquiries

Jan. 8

  • Applications close
  • Review all applicant submissions; prepare for screening

Jan. 16 * (TBD pm)

  • Attend screening committee training
  • Screen applications and submit rankings

Regular public meeting/executive session

  • Train screening committee on screening process, tools and timeline

Jan 23 * (TBD pm)

  • Select candidates to interview
  • Develop interview schedule
  • Develop interview questions
  • Establish contract parameters

Special public meeting/executive session

  • Present screening committee recommendations to the board; facilitate selection of candidates to interview
  • Train board on interview and reference check processes
  • Provide interview questions for review and facilitate consensus on interview questions
  • Schedule initial interviews with candidates

Feb * 1-5 (T.B.D.)

  • Conduct interviews
  • Select finalists

Special public meeting/executive session

  • Attend last interview and facilitate selection of finalists
  • Train board on conducting in-depth reference checks and site visits

Feb. 10 - 23

  • Send disclosure release form to finalists’ last three education providers (ORS 339.370- 339.378)
  • Conduct in-depth reference checks and site visits
  • Schedule finalists’ interviews
  • Assist with reference checking
  • Verify licensure of finalists

Feb. 25-26 * (T.B.D.)

  • Hold finalist forum
  • Conduct final interviews

Special public meeting/Executive session

  • Develop finalist forum schedule, if needed
  • Attend final interview and facilitate consensus on “first choice” candidate

Feb. 26 – Mar. 3

  • Negotiate contract with “first choice” candidate

  Mar. 4

  • Vote to hire candidate in open public meeting
  • Announce selection

Special public meeting

  • Develop press release, if needed

Before July 1

  • Create transition plan for new superintendent and board
  • Meets with the new superintendent & board to create transition plan

July 1

  • New executive begins

After July 1

  • COSA mentoring program provided to the new superintendent

Acts as a liaison between school district/superintendent and COSA as needed. OSBA provides part of the content for this mentoring program.

*Consultant is on-site.