Are You Up-To-Date With School Meal Payments?

Reminder for parents/guardians:

Brookings-Harbor School District has partnered with My MealTime, a fast, secure online service for making credit or debit card deposits and monitoring your student’s lunch account. You may also be able to make other school payments such as sports/activities fees, yearbook purchases, library fines, fundraisers and more.*

Go to: or download the mobile app

Easy steps to use My MealTime:
Step 1: Register. Click or tap the Register button and follow the onscreen prompts to create your My MealTime account.
Step 2: Link Your Student. Click or tap the ‘Add Student’ button, then find your student’s school. Link them to your profile by using their student ID number that was provided by your student’s school.
Step 3: Make a Deposit.** You may choose to store your credit/debit card for quick and easy repeat use.

My MealTime keeps you current 
- Stay informed. Monitor your student’s lunch account activity.
- Be notified. Email reminders tell you when your student’s account is low.
- Schedule deposits. Weekly, monthly or in any frequency you choose.
- Make secure payments. Using your credit or debit card.**

Need help? 
- Read the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ) under the ‘About’ section of the menu. 
- Email your questions to our Support Team at:

*Your school or district chooses which fees to make available on My MealTime.
** A small transaction fee will be assessed.