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Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission Statement (BHSD Board of Directors)

The Brookings Harbor District 17C Board Members, in partnership with students, parents, staff, and community will cultivate a safe, highly effective, and collaborative learning environment where every student can succeed. 

School District Motto

"Every Student Can Succeed"

Brookings-Harbor School District Guiding Board and District Priorities

Student Success Board and District Priority - Student success is Grit: The ability to develop curiosity, persevere, have a greater purpose, advocate for oneself, and continually nurture a growth mindset.

Staff Success Board and District Priority - Recruiting, developing, and retaining high-quality staff is vital for student success. Fostering a culture of support with opportunities for growth and development empowers outstanding staff.

Relationships Board and District Priority -We will intentionally build meaningful relationships with students, staff, and families to create a positive culture, investing in every student’s future.