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People talk to people... and those people talk to other people. And that's how most school news gets around. Unfortunately, this communication system is sometimes unreliable and usually one-way.

Bits of information filter outward from the schools along informal channels without regard to accuracy or completeness. Rumors form, spread and become difficult to counteract. To provide accurate information in a timely way, Brookings Harbor School District is establishing a formal network called "Key Communicators."

The basic concept is quite simple. Key communicators will be contacted via e-mail with information about schools, and whenever there is a need to quickly disseminate information about something that is of particular interest to the community.

They will be asked, as a key communicator, to relay that information to friends, neighbors and co-works as they would normally reach within the course of a day. If someone has a question, concern or an idea, the key communicator has direct access to school officials by phone or e-mail.

The network is very informal. There are no regular meetings, no officers, no assignments. By using e-mail, a key communicator network is a cost-effective, efficient way to keep accurate information flowing to the community, and creates an easy-to-use pathway for people like you to touch base with district officials.