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2019-20 Bus Routes and Schedules

 Tips for reading the bus schedules:

  • All posted routes have tentative time schedules for the first few weeks of school, please check back often for updates and arrive early at bus stops in case busses are running ahead or behind schedule!
  • Morning buses are combined all grades
  • Afternoon buses are separated into an earlier bus for elementary and a later bus for middle/high school
  • PM 1 denotes the afternoon elementary pick-up time at Kalmiopsis
  • PM 2 denotes the afternoon middle/high school pick up times at Azalea and BHHS
  • WEDS PM is the weekly early release day pick up time at the schools on (Now on Wednesdays for 2019-20)!

Please note: For 2019-2020 the former Route K (Bus 74) that dropped off students at local daycare centers has changed! Each daycare center has been assigned to a different route.

  • Bus 73/Route D to go to ABC Kids
  • Bus 70/Route E to go to Kid’s World
  • Bus 70/Route E to go to Kid Zone
  • Bus 63/Route I to go to Fir St/Mrs. Gonzales
  • Bus 63/Route I to go to Choices for Children

In case of snow or ice ...

On days when snow or icy conditions may make driving our higher elevation bus routes more hazardous, we have "snow day" bus stops where we pick up students farther down the hill than usual to prevent a potentially unsafe trip for the bus. If you live past one of these points, you can bring your child down to the "snow day" bus stop to have them transported to school via bus.
A potential scenario for this is a day when there is snow or ice in these neighborhoods, but not in the town of Brookings or Harbor, so school remains in session. Another scenario where this might occur is if the weather worsens during the school day and school is released early or on time, but climbing these routes are deemed unsafe for our school buses. In all cases, our Transportation Department makes every effort to contact the phone numbers on file for regular bus riding students to alert families of the change to pick-up location and schedule. When school is canceled or closed, the news is posted to our district website front page and sent out via the channels listed on our "School Closures" webpage.

The snow day bus stops are:

Please call or email the BHSD Transporation Office with questions, and always report a missed bus right away in case the school can swing back with another ride option shortly.

Allen Walz, Transportation Director 
Brookings-Harbor School District