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2021-22 Bus Routes and Schedules

Notice: Bus Route Changes To Take Effect Oct. 18, 2021


Oct. 11, 2021


Brookings-Harbor School District families,

Notification of bus route changes

Route changes effective starting Monday, October 18.

  • Route J (Floral Hill, E. Hoffeldt Shopping Center, Court St, Sunshine Cove) will be eliminated and the stops on this route will be combined into other bus routes.
    • Route I will add the Floral Hill, Hall Way, and Sea Bird RV Park stops
    • Route B will add the Court Street stops
    • Route F will add the Sunshine Cove stops
    • Route C will add the stop by Dollar Tree in the E. Hoffeldt Shopping Center
  • Route A (Marina Heights, Old County Road, Arnold Lane, & Mill Beach Road) will be eliminated and the stops on this route will be combined into other bus routes.
    • Route E will add the Arnold Lane, Rowland Land and Mill Beach Road stops
    • A new van route will cover the Marina Heights stops

Please note that in some locations you may see multiple buses go by due to overlapping route areas, so it is important to pay extra attention to which bus you are waiting for. The pick-up and drop-off times for these routes will remain similar to their original time and we will put an updated document on the route page before the start date for the new route, as well as send flyers home with our current riders. See the Transportation webpage at

Why is this happening?

Our school district, like many across the country, faces a shortage of transportation personnel. With the added stresses of operating during the pandemic we find ourselves in a situation now that we have delayed as long as possible and must adjust services.

The elimination of some routes and combining into others comes after additional recruitment and hiring efforts, and training willing staff from within our organization to earn the required license types.

Without these changes, we do not have enough drivers for all of the routes and have no capacity to provide transportation for extra-curricular trips such as after school athletics and activities as well as school field trips.  We are continuing to work on multiple long term solutions to help strengthen our capacity to provide transportation for our students. We thank you for your understanding.

What can I do to help?

We are hiring for bus drivers and bus driver substitutes and offer competitive wages and training opportunities: Please help spread the word. 

Allen Walz

Transportation Director


Familias del Distrito Escolar de Brookings-Harbor,

Notificación de cambios en la ruta del autobús

La ruta entrará en vigencia a partir del lunes 18 de octubre.

  • La ruta J (Floral Hill, E. Hoffeldt Shopping Center, Court St, Sunshine Cove) será eliminada y la Las paradas de esta ruta se combinarán con otras rutas de autobús.
    • La ruta I agregará las paradas de Floral Hill, Hall Way y Sea Bird RV Park
    • La ruta B agregará las paradas de Court Street
    • La ruta F agregará las paradas de Sunshine Cove
    • La ruta C agregara la parada de Dollar Tree en el centro comercial E. Hoffeldt
  • La ruta A eliminará(Marina Heights, Old County Road, Arnold Lane y Mill Beach Road) y las paradas de esta ruta se combinarán con otras rutas de autobús.
    • La ruta E agregará las paradas de Arnold Lane, Rowland Land y Mill Beach Road.
    • Una nueva ruta de camioneta cubrirá las paradas de Marina Heights.

Tenga en cuenta que en algunos lugares puede ver pasar varios autobuses debido a áreas de ruta superpuestas, por lo que es importante pagar atención adicional al autobús que está esperando. Los horarios de recogida y devolución para estas rutas seguirán siendo similares a su hora original y pondremos un documento actualizado en la página de la ruta antes de la fecha de inicio de la nueva ruta, así como también enviaremos folletos a casa con nuestros pasajeros actuales. Consulte la página web de Transporte en

¿Por qué está pasando esto?

Nuestro distrito escolar, como muchos en todo el país, enfrenta una escasez de personal de transporte. Con el estrés adicional de operar durante la pandemia, nos encontramos ahora en una situación en la que nos hemos retrasado el mayor tiempo posible y debemos ajustar los servicios.

La eliminación de algunas rutas y la combinación en otras se produce después de esfuerzos adicionales de reclutamiento y contratación, y de capacitar al personal dispuesto dentro de nuestra organización para obtener los tipos de licencia requeridos.

Sin estos cambios, no tenemos suficientes conductores para todas las rutas y no tenemos la capacidad de proporcionar transporte para viajes extracurriculares como deportes y actividades después de la escuela, así como excursiones escolares. Continuamos trabajando en múltiples soluciones a largo plazo para ayudar a fortalecer nuestra capacidad de proporcionar transporte para nuestros estudiantes. Gracias por su comprensión.

¿Que puedo hacer para ayudar?

Estamos contratando conductores de autobús y sustitutos de conductores de autobús y ofrecemos salarios competitivos y oportunidades de capacitación: Por favor ayude a correr la voz. 

Allen Walz

Director de transporte de



In case of snow or ice ...

On days when snow or icy conditions may make driving our higher elevation bus routes more hazardous, we have "snow day" bus stops where we pick up students farther down the hill than usual to prevent a potentially unsafe trip for the bus. If you live past one of these points, you can bring your child down to the "snow day" bus stop to have them transported to school via bus.
A potential scenario for this is a day when there is snow or ice in these neighborhoods, but not in the town of Brookings or Harbor, so school remains in session. Another scenario where this might occur is if the weather worsens during the school day and school is released early or on time, but climbing these routes are deemed unsafe for our school buses. In all cases, our Transportation Department makes every effort to contact the phone numbers on file for regular bus riding students to alert families of the change to pick-up location and schedule. When school is canceled or closed, the news is posted to our district website front page and sent out via the channels listed on our "School Closures" webpage.

The snow day bus stops are:

Please call or email the BHSD Transporation Office with questions, and always report a missed bus right away in case the school can swing back with another ride option shortly.

Allen Walz, Transportation Director 
Brookings-Harbor School District