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2023-24 Bus Routes and Schedules

We are making some changes to our afternoon bus schedule for today 10/12/2023 only to accommodate being short staffed in the transportation department, field trips, and athletic events.
The information that follows has been posted to the district website and we ask that you pass this information onto your students.  

Route Update for Thursday, October 12, 2023

There will be several changes to bus routes for the afternoon today, Thursday October 12th,These changes are due to short staffed along with athletic event travel today. We thank our bus riders and their families for their flexibility.
All riders who get off at Court Street (usually Route B) will ride the Route C bus today and be dropped off, on or close to their usual time (3:25 p.m.).
The usual Route B riders will be split between two District vans.
Van Route B-1 for North Bank Chetco River Road 10/12/2023:
Donald's Road (turn around) 3:46 p.m.
Martin Lane 3:42 p.m.
Riverside Market 3:40 p.m.
Yellow Brick Road 3:33 p.m.
Mountain Drive 3:31 p.m.
Thompson Road 3:28 p.m.
Leave Brookings-Harbor High School 3:20 p.m.
Leave Azalea Middle School 3:15 p.m.
Leave Kalmiopsis Elementary 3:05 p.m.
Van Route B-2 for Gardner Ridge 10/12/2023:
Palmer Butte (Blue Rope) 3:40 p.m.
Wimmer Road 3:30 p.m.
Fire Hall 3:28 p.m.
Leave Brookings-Harbor High School 3:20 p.m.
Leave Azalea Middle School 3:15 p.m.
Leave Kalmiopsis Elementary 3:05 p.m.


For questions, please contact:


Michael Knight

Transportation Director

[email protected]



Faith Saunders

Transportation Administrative Assistant

[email protected]


UPDATED BUS ROUTES (EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2023). (REVISED SEPTEMBER 20, 2023 due to update to BHHS Bell Schedule)

Notice to all staff, students and parents. The following are changes that have been made to some of the bus routes this year. 

Bus A (alpha) will now be picking up students on their original route along with the additions of Memory Lane, Tanbark, Cedar, Cyprus, Del Norte Lane, South Hazel, Alder Street, and Maple Street. These stops were previously part of bus D (delta) route. 

Bus B (bravo) is now being run in a school bus instead of the two vans, Please check the time schedules for your stops. 

Bus C (charlie) will only pick up stops on the Winchuck River Road, Court Street will now be on bus F (foxtrot) and West Hoffeldt and Lively lane will now be picked up by bus D (delta) Please check your route for pickup time. 

Bus D (delta) will no longer be picking up students that live on Memory Lane, Tanbark, Cedar, Cyprus, Del Norte Lane, South Hazel, Alder Street, and Maple Street. Those will be picked up by bus A (alpha) New to bus D will be the stops at West Hoffeldt and Lively Lane. This will be in addition to all of Bus D’s previous stops in Harbor. Please see route schedule for times 

Bus E (echo) Will no longer be picking up student in the Dawson Tract , Zia Court, Blueberry, Oceanside east, Bus E will be picking up all students that live off of Carpenterville Rd including DeMoss, Henderson, Timeus Ranch, Alder Ridge, Swede Lane, Duley Creek, Taylor Creek Rd, all stops on Rainbow Rock Rd. and Coverdell. The Dawson Track area will now be riding bus H (hotel) 

Bus F. The only changes to route F (foxtrot) is there was an addition of Hallway to this bus which was previously on bus I (indigo). 

Bus G (golf). There are no changes to bus G (golf) route. 

Bus H (hotel) will no longer pick up students on DeMoss, Henderson, Rainbow Rock Rd or Coverdell. Bus H (hotel) will now be picking up all students in the Dawson Track area along with Blueberry, Zia Court, Oceanside East. A new stop is being added that is at Harris Beach RV park. 

Bus I (indigo) will no longer be picking up students at Hallway. Those students will be picked up by bus F (foxtrot). 

These changes have been made to alleviate the higher number of students on some buses. Thank you for your patience and understanding 

Faith Saunders 

Transportation Administrative Assistant 

Brookings Harbor School District 17-C 


Community Letter to Local Day Cares and Families Whose Children Attend After School Day Care - Change of Service Notification

busAug. 30 2022


Dear Brookings-Harbor Parents/Guardians and Day Care Providers,


As the 2022-23 school year approaches, the Transportation Department must have an accurate count of students on each of our school buses. If you are new to the district (Welcome!) or have moved in the last year and need to request transportation to and from your home to the school, please fill out the transportation request form in the Online Registration packet as soon as possible.


BHSD like most Oregon communities has been faced with a severe bus driver shortage for the last couple of school years. Due to both the reality of the ongoing driver shortage and specific state rules regarding student transportation that include the distance from school requirements and drop-off locations, the school district will no longer be able to offer after-school transportation to local childcare centers, starting this school year.  


Historically, the district has provided transportation to childcare such as ABC Kids, Kids World, Choices for Children, and other private at-home childcare facilities. Starting this fall, parents/guardians will need to make alternative arrangements or talk to their childcare center about options for carpooling. We apologize for the inconvenience. Additionally, because of driver shortages and the resulting more crowded buses, and the possibility of combining routes to accommodate driver shortages or school needs such as field trips and athletics events, there will be no bus slips allowed this school year for one-time route changes. 


Parent/guardians will be responsible for arranging different transportation and notifying the school's main office when they have made a change to their student's transportation for the day. BHSD will not be able to accommodate sending students home on alternate routes for one-day drop-offs at friends’ homes.Thank you BHSD families for your continued understanding as we work to transport all riders safely and effectively with a shortage of drivers.


Michael Knight, Transportation Director
[email protected]



30 de agosto de 2022


Estimados padres/tutores y proveedores de cuidado diurno de Brookings-Harbor,


A medida que se acerca el año escolar 2022-23, el Departamento de Transporte debe tener un conteo exacto de estudiantes en cada uno de nuestros autobuses escolares. Si es nuevo en el distrito (¡Bienvenido!) o se mudó el año pasado y necesita solicitar transporte hacia y desde su hogar a la escuela, complete el formulario de solicitud de transporte en el paquete de registro en línea lo antes posible.


BHSD, como la mayoría de las comunidades de Oregón, se ha enfrentado a una grave escasez de conductores de autobuses durante los últimos dos años escolares. Debido tanto a la realidad de la continua escasez de conductores como a las reglas estatales específicas con respecto al transporte de estudiantes que incluyen los requisitos de distancia de la escuela y los lugares de entrega, el distrito escolar ya no podrá ofrecer transporte después de la escuela a los centros de cuidado infantil locales, a partir de este año escolar.


Históricamente, el distrito ha ofrecido transporte a guarderías como ABC Kids, Kids World, Choices for Children y otras instalaciones privadas de cuidado de niños en el hogar. A partir de este otoño, los padres/tutores deberán hacer arreglos alternativos o hablar con su centro de cuidado infantil sobre las opciones para compartir el automóvil. Pedimos disculpas por las molestias. Además, debido a la escasez de conductores y los autobuses más llenos resultantes, y la posibilidad de combinar rutas para acomodar la escasez de conductores o las necesidades escolares, como excursiones y eventos deportivos, no se permitirán boletas de autobús este año escolar para cambios de ruta únicos. .


Los padres/tutores serán responsables de organizar un transporte diferente y notificar a la oficina principal de la escuela cuando hayan realizado un cambio en el transporte de su estudiante para el día. BHSD no podrá acomodar el envío de estudiantes a casa en rutas alternativas para dejarlos un día en las casas de amigos. Gracias a las familias de BHSD por su comprensión continua mientras trabajamos para transportar a todos los pasajeros de manera segura y efectiva con la escasez de conductores.


Michael Knight, director de transporte

[email protected]


In case of snow or ice ...

On days when snow or icy conditions may make driving our higher elevation bus routes more hazardous, we have "snow day" bus stops where we pick up students farther down the hill than usual to prevent a potentially unsafe trip for the bus. If you live past one of these points, you can bring your child down to the "snow day" bus stop to have them transported to school via bus.
A potential scenario for this is a day when there is snow or ice in these neighborhoods, but not in the town of Brookings or Harbor, so school remains in session. Another scenario where this might occur is if the weather worsens during the school day and school is released early or on time, but climbing these routes are deemed unsafe for our school buses. In all cases, our Transportation Department makes every effort to contact the phone numbers on file for regular bus riding students to alert families of the change to pick-up location and schedule. When school is canceled or closed, the news is posted to our district website front page and sent out via the channels listed on our "School Closures" webpage.

The snow day bus stops are:

Please call or email the BHSD Transporation Office with questions, and always report a missed bus right away in case the school can swing back with another ride option shortly.