Reminders for School Reopening: Mask Wearing Requirements and Transportation Details

We are excited to be able to have more students coming on-site to school. Here are a couple of reminders to help get ready for later in the week.

  • Grade 4 will be welcomed back to school on Thursday. 
  • Grades 5,6, and 9 will be welcomed back to school on Friday

Please remember to check your email. Our schools have been sharing information about schedules, new procedures, and FAQs to help ensure a smooth return to campus.

If you have any questions about your child’s class schedule, please contact the school office.

We are committed to bringing students safely back to campus and are required to follow the rules set out in the Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance.

Face Coverings

The Brookings-Harbor School District will provide masks to all students free of charge. Students may wear their own face mask or face covering as long as it meets the following requirements: a cloth, polypropylene, paper, or other face-covering that covers the nose and the mouth and that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face.”

Valve masks, mesh masks, lace masks, or other coverings with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents are not allowed.

Also, the new guidance released last week by ODE and OHA states that clear face shields are only an acceptable alternative when a person has a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a mask. If your child is in this situation, please contact your school office prior to your child attending school in person.


We ask that students practice 6ft physical distancing while waiting for the bus.

Drivers and students will be wearing masks while on the bus.  If a child does not have a mask, one will be provided.

Students will sanitize their hands before boarding. We are required to visually inspect students for Covid19 symptoms prior to them getting on the bus. If a student has any signs or symptoms of illness, they will not be allowed on the bus.

In order to ensure the required amount of space between each student, students will have assigned seats, only one person to a seat (families are allowed to sit two to a seat). The buses will be cleaned and disinfected between routes, that they will be sprayed nightly with a disinfectant. We plan on keeping the windows open for ventilation, as the weather allows.

We must maintain stable groups (cohorts) in order to minimize the risk of exposure. For those of you who share custody, or have a change of plans, you will need to make arrangements to get your child picked up from their stop.

If you have signed up for your child to ride the bus, your child’s bus driver will be calling you on Tuesday to let you know planned to pick up and drop off times.  If you have questions about transportation, please call the transportation office at 541-469-2666.

David Marshall, Superintendent

Nov. 10, 2020