High School Band Camp Information

July 2021

Welcome Parents, Guardians, and Students of the BHHS Bruin Band and Color Guard,

Your student has expressed interest, or is enrolled in Bruin Band and Color Guard for the fall of 2021.

Bruin Band Camp 2021 will be held at Brookings-Harbor High School from August 16th through to August 20th. There is no cost to this camp. Students will meet in the music hall (auditorium) each morning, and will be given both a lunch and dinner break.

We have formed an organization called the Bruin Music Foundation that we would love for you to participate in. We meet once a month on the first Monday of every month starting in September. There will be volunteer opportunities, fundraising efforts, and more to discuss at these meetings.

The volunteer opportunities we have available for this camp include:

-Signing up to make dinner for the whole band each night. We need potluck or buffet style dinners for these kids. We encourage coordinating with other parents to tag team making dinners!*

-Helping with sizing the students in their uniforms

-Donate cases of water and healthy snacks (trail mix, fruit, granola bars, etc.)*

-Set up carpooling for any student with transportation needs

-Other volunteer opportunities will be made available as needed

(*A list of student food allergies or dietary restrictions will be provided prior to band camp*)

We look forward to seeing you there!

With many thanks,

Corey Tamondong, Director - coreyt@brookings.k12.or.us, (909)728-9692

Darcie Gutierrez, Color Guard Instructor - darcieg@brookings.k12.or.us 

Mr. Matthew Foertsch, Coach

Ms. Cua Lee, Coach

Alana Hatch, Coach

Connor Clark, Drum Major

Abby Gisler, Guard Captain

Makeala Schiro, Guard Captain