We are still hiring for Fall 2021

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Here's a round-up of current employment opportunities with BHSD. (As of Thursday, August 12, 2021)
- Azalea Middle School - Head Coach Cross Country
- Athletic Coach Azalea Head Volleyball Coach
- High School JV Girls Volleyball Coach
- High School Assistant Football Coach
- Athletic Coach High School JV Girls Soccer Coach
- Athletic Coach Azalea Assistant Volleyball Coach
- Azalea Knowledge Bowl Coach
- Drama Coach (extra duty)
- Food Service II
- High School Math Teacher
- Middle School Math Teacher
- RTI Instructional Assistant (Full Time)
- Instructional Assistant Resource Room (Full Time)
- Life Skills Aide
- RTI Instructional Assistant (Half Time)
- Elementary Life Skills Teacher
- Occupational Therapist
- Bus Aide
- Elementary Library Aide
- Student Information System Coordinator
- Substitute Bus Driver

Substitute/Temporary positions available …
- Teacher K-12
- Kitchen Helper
- Educational and SPED Assistant
- Custodian
- Clerical Personnel