Message from the Superintendent: Dual Credit

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Hi, this is Sean Gallagher – Brookings Harbor School District 17C Superintendent here to talk to you about the dual credit offerings at Brookings Harbor High School. The school district has been working hard for several years to develop strong relationships and agreement with Southwestern Oregon Community College (SOCC), Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) and Southern Oregon University (SOU) to further expand the number of dual credits offerings at the high school.
This has been a project that is tied to curriculum resources, professional development, hiring practices, educator qualifications and integration between secondary and college level curriculum.
Dual credit courses offered at the high school level allow a student to take one course and receive both transcripted college credit through the partnering higher education institution and high school credit at the same time. Dual credit opportunities allow students to start their college careers during high school by exposing them to college-level coursework that is rigorous and challenging.
The credits costs are either waived by the college and/or a significantly reduced tuition rate is charged. This is a great academic opportunity for students to help with their transition to higher education. Students who participate in at least one dual credit opportunity during their high school career are much more likely to graduate from college within four years with a four-year degree than those that don’t.
During the 2017-18 school year, 184 of our students took dual credit courses, for a total of 1,717 college credits earned. The average college credit costs $594 these days, so that is a potential college savings of more than $1 million to families in our community, not to mention the potential savings that can occur if a student completes college in 3 to 4 years rather than 5 or more.
This year (2018-19), there are 20 BHHS classes, that offer dual credit options with partner colleges. These classes include a wide range of subjects including, College Spanish, Digital Graphics, Leadership, College Algebra, History, Science and Health Careers.
Again, thank you to everyone for their continued support of our School District, and remember, that only together we can ensure that Every Student Can Succeed here at Brookings-Harbor School District
Sean Gallagher, Superintendent
(Posted March 5, 2019) 
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