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2022-2023 Online Registration

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,


Returning Student Online Registration


The time for registration for Brookings-Harbor School District students is here! Please find your family’s login information to your PowerSchool account enclosed. The portal for registration will re-open in August of 2022. You will be able to register your student for in-person instruction and you will also have the option to register your student for our full online option, Brookings-Harbor K-12 Academy. 


If you would like assistance with the online registration process, our three schools would all like to extend a helping hand.  Please feel free to contact our front offices. Our office staff can help you over the phone as well as set up an individual appointment if you prefer.  Secretaries will be back in office Aug. 5, 2022 to help with registration.


  • Kalmiopsis Elementary School (541) 469-7417
  • Azalea Middle School (541) 469-7427
  • Brookings Harbor High School (541) 469-2108


New and Transfer Student  Registration

If you know someone new to the area, please let them know that they can call the school offices to get their registration accounts set up after Aug. 5. They may also start an online application from the school website. If they start an online application the family will get an email within two weeks with further instructions to complete your full packet of of online registration forms.


Thank you, 

David Marshall, Superintendent

June 2021

Information for Incoming Kindergarten Families
To enroll in Kindergarten for 2021-22, the student must have been born before Sept 1, 2016; and be 5 years old before Sept 1st, 2021.

Please be sure to select 2021-22 in the drop-down menu of your registration for enrollment online form to ensure that your student gets enrolled in the incoming Fall 2021 class and not the current Spring term that is concluding now for 2020-21.


Enrollment form select correct year



Need Help? 

Returning Students | Step by Step: How to register online

Returning students OR students previously enrolled with Brookings Harbor School District:
  • You will need to log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal you CANNOT access the proper screen using your child’s PowerSchool log in. Log into the PowerSchool Portal at
  • If you have used PowerSchool portal before, a letter was sent to your mailing address with the web address and a reminder of the email used when you initially signed up (incase you need to use it for password retrieval. A separate version of the letter was sent home to parents/guardians of students who have NOT yet signed up for PowerSchool with instructions on how to set up their account. After you create your account, you’ll need to verify your email address before you can successfully log in. If you haven’t received that letter, please contact your school
  • If you have previously set up a PowerSchool Parent Account, you should have received a letter with the email you used. If you have forgotten your username/password, click the Forgot Username/Password option on the home screen and it will email you information to the email provided. If you have not received that letter, please contact your school
  • After you’ve logged in, on the left side click on Forms
  • At the top, you will see multiple tabs, select "Enrollment." Scroll down. You need to fill out all of the forms under the top header that says Brookings Harbor District- RS. The RS stands for Returning Students.
  • Choose the student you are ready to register by selecting the proper tab at the top.
  • Then choose "Forms" on the left of the screen.
Registration RS 1.png
  • Click on the "Enrollment" tab
Registration RS 2.png
  • On the new tab, you will see the forms that need to be completed.  Click on each one to fill out the form.  
Registration RS 3.png
  • Be sure to click submit when you are finished with each form.  You may also click Save for Later on any of the forms to save your progress and return where you left off at a later time.
  • The leaves to the left of each form will go from blue to green indicating they have been completed. Once they are green, you have successfully enrolled your student!

New Students | Step by Step: How to register online

  • Go to the Brookings-Harbor School District webpage. Select the "Family Resources" tab. At the very top select "2020-21 Online Registration."
  • Scroll down to the New and Transfer Students Registration and click on it. It’s a Hyperlink that will lead you to a preregistration screen. Go to the BHSD Pre-Registration website located at to complete the pre-registration portion.  
    • Here, you will need to enter their student's basic information to get them entered into the system and approved for registration.  
    • Parents who already filled out the temporary New & Transfer Student Enrollment form posted on the Brookings-Harbor website Aug. 10-13 can skip this step. Your information has been imported! 
    • Once you fill out the short form, the registrar will approve your enrollment and you will get an email explaining how to create a PowerSchool Parent Account.
    • After you have created your account and verified your email address, you will log in To the PowerSchool Parent Portal
    • On the left side click on "Forms." At the top, you will see multiple tabs, select "Enrollment"
      - You need to fill out all of the forms under the top header that says Brookings Harbor District
      - The leaves to the left of each form will go from blue to green indicating they have been completed
      - Once they are green, you have successfully enrolled your student!

If I choose the online option, what can I expect from Brookings-Harbor Online Academy (BHOA) next year?

Kalmiopsis Elementary will offer an online curriculum to K-5 students via STRIDE Learning Solutions

  • The elementary curriculum, our online program, keeps today’s youngest learners engaged with interactive digital content and educational games. Plus, our platform offers an age-appropriate interface designed specifically for K–5. Our Elementary online program will be run with one teacher who will assist with the K-5 online learning.

Requirements to attend online K-5 include:

Parents are the Learning Coaches: You should expect to: Schedule your child’s day with school activities and breaks; Spend about 5 hours a day overseeing schoolwork; and lend a hand with online school lessons and regularly connect with your child’s teacher.


It's a full year selection! When a family choses BHOA they need to complete the year at BHOA, and
  • Help make sure your child is understanding their lessons and progressing; Celebrate their achievements and encourage them to keep going.

Future online opportunities at Kalmiopsis will be determined in the spring of 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year.


Azalea Middle School and Brookings-Harbor High School will provide an online education program for grade 6-12 with Edgenuity.

This program is a continuation of what was offered in 2020-21 with some important updates.

  • It's a Full-Year Online Program!
  • Students stay enrolled in BHSD 
  • Students will take a full schedule (6-8 classes) and there are attendance, participation, and check-in requirements. 
  • Student and family must attend an orientation.
  • Once enrolled, the expectation is that students will stay in the BHOA for the full academic year. Immediate or semester change transfer requests to in-person classes are not guaranteed.
  • Some Individual Education Plan ( IEP) requirements might not be able to be be implemented via the BHOA system - if you are in this situation, the school will discuss options with you.
  • BHOA students have the ability to participate in extracurricular activities 
  • Chromebook laptop and materials provided.
  • School meals provided (meal pickup, possibly limited delivery where needed)
  • Ability to participate in extracurricular activities (when metrics permit).
  • Classmates are Brookings-Harbor students only (this online option is not available to students outside our district.
Learn more about Edgenuity.